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Are you looking for an overview of the Horticoop Technical Services installations? Here you will find the installations that we have developed, installed and maintained throughout the years. Is your cultivation included, and do you have similar requirements? We would be happy to take you to a reference address and to provide a tailor-made solution for your business.

Please feel free to contact us if your cultivation or idea is not included. Horticoop Technical Services offers client-oriented solutions for all kinds of crops under glass. We always provide a sustainable solution, which is: a solution where installation and maintenance are taken out of your hands completely. We unburden you from A to Z.

Horticoop Technical Services arranges for decontamination of input water at the MiNiDa nursery


The MiNiDa nursery in Zevenhuizen grows sweet peppers on a 13 hectare site. Horticoop Technical Services has recently provided an installation for the total decontamination of the nursery's input water.

The installation comprises of a HortiZone pro 10+, a cloth filter for the filtering of the water as well as new silos for the storage of decontaminated drain water, rain drainage water and osmosis water. Furthermore, Horticoop Technical Services has installed a new suction pipeline to the water unit as well as refurbishing the existing water location and installing new tap kits.


34m3/h cloth filter (20 micron) installed in Made



In mid-July 2017, Horticoop Technical Services installed a 34m3/h (20 micron) cloth filter at a vegetable grower in Made.

The cloth filter filters the dirty drain water that flows from the greenhouse as well as the discharge water of the front sand filters. The benefit of the purchase of a cloth filter is that the discharge water need no longer be drained. Furthermore, it means that all organic matter is filtered out and that less organic sediment is left in the drain tank. Prior to the purchase of the cloth filter a check is performed to establish if full recirculation is possible.

Please feel free to contact our product specialist Ben Hoogendoorn on +31 (0) 6-54294007 with any questions you may have, or go to cloth filter page.

Horticoop high-pressure misting system


Last year Horticoop Technical Services sold a high-pressure misting system to Marjoland to service the 20 hectare business.
Meanwhile, the system has been installed in collaboration with Infra Techniek of Waalwijk, operating to the customer's full satisfaction. At the moment that the temperature in the greenhouse becomes too high and/or air humidity falls below a certain level, the greenhouse is subjected to high-pressure misting, causing the temperature to fall and air humidity to rise. Thanks to this acquisition, there is no longer a need to whitewash the total greenhouse.

The system is controlled by two units. The photograph shows the major unit. The system is fed from double reversed osmosis. The storage silos of both units are interconnected by means of pumps. If one of the reverse osmosis systems has been switched off, the high-pressure misting system can simply keep operating using the water of the other reverse osmosis system. Two Hoogendoorn iSii NeXt Generation climate computers control the system.

Would you like to know more about this special system? Please contact Reinier van Zanten on +31 (0) 6-22975045.

Horticoop Technical Services installs two 2 Climate Converters in Germany


Horticoop Technical Services supplied and installed two Climate Converters at a herb nursery in April 2017. The Climate Converters are used in two sections in order to stimulate a homogeneous climate in the greenhouse. Due to the suction and filtering of the greenhouse air, a natural process ensures that a large volume of dry and warm air flows back into the greenhouse. This will ensure substantial energy savings for the grower. In addition, the filtering of the greenhouse air ensures a lower incidence of disease on account of fungi such as Botrytis and mildew.

Please contact our product specialist Marcel Weinans on +31 (0) 6-20019181 for any questions or further information.


Delivery and installation of five controllable Climate Converters!


Climate converter

Last week, Horticoop Technical Services delivered and installed a set of five Climate Converters at a herb nursery. The Climate Converters are operated to stimulate a homogeneous climate in the greenhouse. A curved blow-out  nozzle was fitted to meet the specific requirements of this nursery; it ensures that warm air is blown to the front rather than upwards. Despite the low roof of this nursery it is still possible to keep the warm air underneath the screen.

Please contact our product specialist Marcel Weinans on +31 (0) 6-20019181 for any questions or further information.


Water purification at 1 hectare cluster rose nursery


This cluster rose nursery in De Kwakel has purchased a HortiZone 0.7+ for the decontamination of their drain water and purification of crop protection products. In addition, this business has opted for a cloth filter for the filtering  of their drainage water and discharge water. Using this combination, the grower will not encounter any discharge issues after 2018.
Please contact our product specialist Ben Hoogendoorn on +31 (0) 6-54294007 with any questions you may have or go the HortiZone page.


Horticoop Technical Services commission METO spraying wagons

Horticoop Technical Services had the privilege on 11 September 2015 to deliver and commission two custom-made Meto spraying wagons, inclusive of a pump kit, at a sweet pepper nursery. These spraying wagons feature a pendular sprayer  rather than a regular spray boom. This enables the customer to combat any caterpillars in the tops of the plants quickly and effectively; with a matter of three hours, a surface of 120,000m2 can be sprayed.

Please contact our product specialist Ben Hoogendoorn on +31 (0) 6-54294007 with any questions you may have.


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