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Substrate Slingerland Potgrond

The factory where Slingerland Potgrond's substrates are produced has been in Bleiswijk since 2014; an ultra-modern factory with a totally automated production process. This Horticoop production site has specialised in the production of substrates for orchids.

Bark is the primary raw material for Slingerland Potgrond and in addition, other materials such as Growcorns and Orchidchips are used for substrate production.

And since the industry needs a homogeneous product, raw material dosage on the basis of EN volume was adopted during the design and construction stages of this modern and innovative substrate factory. Furthermore, the entire production process takes place inside, so that outside influences are eliminated.

In order to keep the moisture content consistent throughout our deliveries, we use the Horticoop Water Value (HWV), which makes it possible to control water content, comparable to EC and pH.

Next to the quality and homogeneity of our substrate, the choice of packaging is also of paramount importance. Two packaging methods are used: big bales and bulk delivery.

The orchid industry is an innovative business that changes quickly and Horticoop, as a market leader, keeps abreast effortlessly through ongoing development and innovation.
Slingerland Potgrond is associated with, and has been certified by the Stichting RHP. In addition, Slingerland Potgrond has been ISO-certified (9001) for quality standards and production.