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Substrate Packaging

We can deliver our substrate in three types of packaging: big bales, bags, or supplied in bulk (unpacked in a truck). Obviously, you yourself decide which form of packaging suits your nursery best.

Big bales

For big bale deliveries, the substrate is compressed by a special machine and placed as a whole on a one-way pallet. This process includes wrapping splash-proof packaging around the substrate, resulting in 2.5 – 5 m3 bales. Thanks to our special state-of-the-art big bale machine, the substrate does not suffer from loss of quality during the packaging process. Buying substrate in big bales gives a number of benefits:

  • moisture penetration or atomising cannot occur thanks to the splash-proof packaging;
  • optimal stock control;
  • minimal loss of material, if any, during storage, transport and processing;
  • hygienic, and less disintegration.

Using a big bale dosing bunker, you return the compressed substrate back to the original volume without any loss of quality in a fully automated process.


In addition to these big bales, there is another type of packaging for your substrate: bags. These bags have a content of 45 EN litres and they are especially practical when handling smaller volumes, e.g. for seeding and cutting soils.

Bulk Delivery

Bulk delivery, which means that the substrate is delivered unpacked, still is the most common method of delivery. Our advanced means of transport, featuring a so-called walking floor, ensures that your substrate is delivered quickly and accurately at the address of your choice.