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Substrate Hörle Torv

To be able to produce the best growth media (substrate) for our customers, we are exceptionally critical when it comes to the choice of raw materials. Peat is an essential element of most substrates.

This raw material possesses positive properties for many crops and your cultivation, too, is sure to thrive on it. To be able to guarantee the best peat quality, Horticoop boasts its own peat production facility on Sweden.

The Hörle Torv peat production site is situated in the town of Värnamo in the south of Sweden. For thousands of years, peat moss (sphagnum) has been growing here, a moss that slowly decomposes into a thick pack. At Hörle Torv, peat is obtained through the use of a crane and a special tool to cut blocks of peat. Thereafter, these blocks are stacked on pallets so that they can dry. When the blocks are dry enough, they are moved to the storage facility and then transported to Lentse Potgrond.

When peat production at Hörle Torv finally comes to an end (which will be many years from now) the peat facility will be given back to the adjoining natural reserve. This is a strict demand for Horticoop. We want the best commodities but always with due respect for Nature, which is why we go for obtaining sustainable peat.