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Substrate Concepts

Substrate concepts: Greenline and Growline

With the introduction of Greenline and Growline, Horticoop has put two substrates on the market that score tremendously from a technological point of view and that fully meet the demands that transport, the retail trade and consumers impose on the product. Furthermore, Greenline - that was developed in-company - is low-peat, making it a durable alternative for other substrates.

Horticoop's substrate-producing businesses - Slingerland Potgrond and Lentse Potgrond - are permanently working on the ongoing improvement of substrates for the professional horticulture industry. In doing so, we take account of all cultivation-technical aspects such as structure, air content, processability, potting behaviour, water-absorbing capacity, stability and homogeneity. Then again, sustainability - e.g. the impact on the environment and shelf life - also play an increasingly important role, as does resistance to plant disease.

For the time being, peat is still one of the most essential ingredients of high-grade growth media, especially because of the excellent cultivation-technological properties of various types of peat. However, winning and using peat as a commodity are increasingly being called into question and the call for low-peat substrates is beginning to get louder. We are therefore happy that by developing Greenline, Horticoop has succeeded in introducing a low-peat substrate as a fully-fledged alternative for substrates in which peat is an essential commodity.

Greenline and Growline distinguish themselves by:

  • Low schrinkage rate
  • Good processaiblitiy
  • High air content
  • Good re-moistening
  • Favourable potting behaviour
  • Stable structure
  • Quickly drying top layer
  • homogeneous pot filling

Both concepts can be deployed within a wide range of crops, both for potted plants and in tree nurseries.