Service and Account
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Our mission and vision reflect the core values of our business. They are a clear justification of Horticoop's existence (mission) and aims for the future (vision).

The starting point for Horticoop as a horticultural supplier is always to strive for an optimum return for our customers. We achieve this by offering an outstanding and highly effective range of products and services to ensure the best possible cultivation development as well as optimum conditions. The expertise of our staff members when it comes to horticulture and management also contributes to the effective deployment of resources for our customers.

In order to achieve an excellent product range (fertilisers, crop protection products, substrates, professional consumables and technology) Horticoop collaborates intensively with core suppliers. In addition to that, we – together with suppliers and customers – are constantly working on improving our range.

Our expertise in cultivation and marketing makes us an essential partner for the professional horticultural industry. Horticoop is committed to a top-of-mind position and a sustainable relationship with customers operating in the ornamental sector, tree cultivation.