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Growing together

The co in Horticoop


This single word encompasses everything we at Horticoop believe in. It’s our reason to exist. As a cooperative supplier, we feel strongly attached to our customers and to those who supply us. Indeed, we don’t just feel it, we are strongly attached. 'Together' is in our DNA. But the word also has a more profound meaning: new principles, based upon trusted values. Not just in the roles of producer and customer – but much more – as partners operating in a chain; partners who really stimulate mutual development. Together: for a healthier future and improved efficiency for us all.

Looking beyond products, together

Horticoop develops and provides expertise, advice, education, products and installations in the field of horticultural consumables, techniques and cultivation technology. Always operating from a modern, cooperative perspective, we focus on the efficiency and continued success of our customers in everything we undertake. That’s in our interest too; not just because of purchasing advantages, but because we believe that we can create more added value by unleashing the combined innovative force and expertise within the chain. We make sure that know-how and developments in the domain of cultivation and technology are shared and combined. The result: efficient, tailor-made solutions for all our customers.

The co in Horticoop

Horticulture is what binds us all together. Every day, together with our partners in the chain, we are committed to developing expertise and innovations and gearing them to the needs of our customers: the development of products, technology and services driven by a world of expertise and innovation. And this is how we cooperate for continued success and improved efficiency – in horticulture, in general, and for our customers in particular.

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