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Cooperative structure


Horticoop BV is the name of the company in which Coöperatief Koninklijk Tuinbouwcentrum Horticoop has vested its horticulture-related business activities, comprising: Horticoop BV, Lentse Potgrond BV, Slingerland Potgrond BV and Mardenkro BV. Also part of the cooperative's commercial activities is Alflora, a wholesaler in florists’ necessities which has businesses in the Netherlands and Belgium. 

In just over a hundred years, the cooperative has developed into a reliable trading partner for vegetable production and the ornamental flower and floristry industries. The cooperative was granted Royal Appointment status on the occasion of the celebration of its100th anniversary, and now includes more than 850 members, all of whom run a professional horticultural business.

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The cooperative has a Board, which is accountable to the Council of Members. The Council of Members consists of three sector committees: pot plant and tree nurseries, greenhouse vegetables, and cut flowers.

The Board of the cooperative consists of six members and represents CKT Horticoop u.a. within the General Shareholders Meeting (GSM) of Horticoop BV. Horticoop BV has a Supervisory Board (SB), which has a personal union with the Board, meaning that all Board members of CKT Horticoop u.a. also serve in the SB. The SB is augmented, in accordance with statutory regulations, by two external (non-member) commissioners.