Horticultural wholesaler Horticoop is cooperating with Freight Farms from Boston to bring the Leafy Green Machine to Europe. The Leafy Green Machine (LGM) is an upcycled shipping container (40ft), outfitted with a climate control, hydroponic growing system and LED-lightning. This creates the ideal growing environment for leafy greens, with minimal water use and no need for crop protection. Using vertical towers maximizes growing space in the container and makes it possible to harvest up to 1.000 heads of lettuce a week, with only 20 to 15 hours of labor.

These days few people know where their food is coming from, especially in cities. The Leafy Green Machines change this. LGM’s are very well fit for urban farming. Growing in an LGM is also financially attractive. A starting ‘freight farmer’ is able to begin a scalable startup without giant investments. The computer systems in the container can be controlled remotely through the Farmhand´âó App, complete with harvest schedules, remote technical support and a webshop for farming supplies. The first LGM is fully operational from December 2016 at healthcare Centre Humanitas in Deventer. Patrick Stoffer, student at Saxion University and student-resident at Humanitas, will be the first freight farmer in Europe presenting his harvest.

Please visit www.freightfarms.com for more information.